Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4:

With this Sunday being my honey's 25th birthday I am grateful for my hard working husband. He is great dad, that loves his baby girls and they love him back equally as much. Since I picked this day for my hubby I am going to tell you our real story. All the drama, all the tears, and all the love. Here we go:

If you have read our about us section then you know the basic outline of mine and Trevor's life together. You know when we met, how we met, when we got married, and that we brought two little lives into this world so far. So here is the stuff between the lines. In 2006 when Trevor and I met I had a "boyfriend" serving a mission for our Church. When this boy left I was committed to the waiting game. It was heartbreaking, he was my first love and you know how those can be. 

Anyways after about a year I had decided to stop dragging myself around in a depression and kind of move into this place where I kind of shut all my feelings off. So when Trevor and I met in Primary we had fun, he made me laugh, roll my eyes, ya know all that silly flirtatious stuff. I was actually feeling again!!! He had received his mission call by the time we started hanging out so I never thought anything serious of the situation and neither did he. We both just wanted to have a good time hanging out. I was so not thinking anything of this situation, that the one time Trevor tried to put the moves on me and kiss me, and I politely declined. Sunday's were always an interesting event. There were times I thought we were causing more of a distraction in Primary than the children, while Trevor tried to be charming and overly confident ;) and it just made me giggle. Even though during the few months we spent together we had a lot of fun the closer it got to him leaving the more the reality of me missing him became real, even though I had tried to prevent that by not kissing him!  :)

After he left I remember saying two things to myself. 1: "I actually miss him" and 2: "I wonder if I could see myself married to him someday." The last thought was quickly dismissed because, as I said, neither of us thought much of the experience. 

While he was gone I continued going to college for about another year and then the time came for the first boy to come home. When he did I was unsure of my feelings, I had been through so many mixed emotions through the 2 years he was away. I had grown up, I was different. Of course, I still loved him........ first love thing ya know. You never forget those. So I wanted to give us another shot, we quickly became engaged but I was still unsure of my feelings. One night I realized this was unfair, but I hated the way I had to figure that out. It was painful. After we called off our engagement I basically ran out of state. Not literally but I had to get away, start over, grow more, move on for good. 

So I enrolled in hair school in St. George Utah. I had the time of my life up there!!! Made some great friends I will never forget, had a few crushes, went caving (a.k.a. spurlunking). While I was living there I met another boy that I quickly became friends with and after some time we started dating. We dated for about 8 months. I cared about him so much but in so many ways he was all wrong for me. It was really hard on me because we were so much alike but I knew it would never work.

Trevor came home in November of 2008 and I was still dating the boy from above. I was in town the weekend that Trevor was speaking in church. My mother forced me to go and listen to him. After he was done I thought to myself :"dang it I want to talk to him again!" hahahaha I was in denial for a long time I guess. After I returned to St. George I decided to get his number from a mutual friend. We started talking again. The next weekend I was in Vegas we were hanging out and I decided to see if he would try and kiss me. I was certain that he wouldn't because he hadn't kissed a girl in a long time. So I tested the waters, gave him the perfect opportunity and he TOOK it. I was shocked!!!

This freaked me out....... now what? I technically had a boyfriend, kind of anyways, but this was something that was totally unexpected. We continued to talk and hang out for the next few months. During which I was completely conflicted! I had these two boys that I really cared about. Before you think I am the ultimate tramp, they both knew about each other and the conflict I was having. So no cheating was happening. Anyways, one night before I was getting ready to fly out to see the boy from St. George who was living in Salt Lake at the time. Trevor and our friend Nate sat me down and we had a heart to heart. They asked me to think about what I really wanted in my life. So I spent the next week or so thinking about that exact thing. After that I knew I had to make a choice between the two and I knew my choice would be Trevor. 

Things progressed from there! In May he proposed and (im taking this quote from a movie) "he didn't really know what to say" so first he said "What if we got married?" and then after a few weeks he said " Do you want what's in my pocket?" (the ring was in his pocket) And I knew I loved his complete inability to be romantic but yet still trying!!! :)

The rest of the story is history......... and here are some pictures to prove it!!!

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