About US

About Trevor and Kate Burns:
Trevor and I met in 2006 after I graduated high school and he moved down from Spanish Fork, Utah to work and save up for his mission. We were first introduced by my mother, who at the time was the Primary Chorister in our ward but it was a brief and not very impressionable meeting. I blamed it on Trevor’s bleached out blonde hair, it kinda freaked me out!!! The second time we “met” was much better. Right after I graduated high school I was called to be the Primary Chorister in place of my mom. I remember that Trevor was the loudest singer in my Primary, haha, and that he would flirt with me religiously whenever I was not up in front of the class teaching songs. Although, he says he was “just being nice” and it wasn’t flirting, I know him better than that. During this time we hung out/ went out a few times and had a fun few months before he left on his mission in November of 2006. He even tried to kiss me once!!!  but I wouldn’t let him because I knew I would miss him and I was a little nervous too since I only had kissed one boy previous to that. Anyways, he left and we wrote like maybe 6 letters back and forth and then that was the last we heard from each other until he got home. He served in Honduras from 2006-2008 and he learned Spanish which he and his good friend Nate love to speak ALL THE TIME. I am glad he can speak it too, it has come in handy a lot in our marriage so far but man I wish I could understand it. I still secretly plan to learn Spanish behind his back and then one day I’ll just bust out and start speaking it, and he will be totally impressed!!! So after he was home we started talking and going out for about 4 months until we both decided to admit to being boyfriend and girlfriend. In fact I found out that I was his girlfriend when we were at his extending family home evening and he introduced to his uncle as his girlfriend. I guess it’s a good thing I liked him that much!!! We got engaged in may of 2009 and we were married August 15, 2009 in the Las Vegas Temple where we were sealed. 

We had our beautiful twin girls on November 23, 2010, we named them Audrey Katherine and Riley Kristine. They are beautiful and perfect in every way!!! I know I am biased but they really are good babies they sleep for a good 11 hours and they are only really fussy when they are hungry, oh yeah and they have the sweetest smiles in the world!!! 

Trevor and I are going on our second year of marriage and we are looking forward to many more and maybe a few more kids in the distant future!!!   Thanks for reading!!!