Thursday, November 10, 2011

My personal hair secrects

If you know me you know I don't have the worlds greatest hair. It's naturally wavy, frizzy, coarse, and dry. Yep, it is miserable! Not to mention all of the years worth of chemical damage I have done to it as a result of my obsession with coloring and bleaching my hair!!! I have learned a few things about babying my hair, so I will share my tricks with you all.

-I only wash my hair twice a week. I know that sounds nasty, in fact my sisters make fun of me all the time. Really though, it is better for your hair. Every time you wash your hair you break the hydrogen bond and then rebuild it when you dry it. Doing this too much is actually more damaging. It is also good to let the natural oils in your hair build up, it helps to keep your hair moisturized, strong, and healthy.

-If you dare run cold water through your hair at the end of your shower. When you wash your hair in hot water (this is true of your skin too) it opens up your cuticles, so to shut them properly you should use cold water. It also helps to make your hair more shiny.

-After your shower, towel blot instead of being rough with your hair.

-I like to add a smoothing serum, split end treatment, and a little oil to my hair before I even comb it out. (Be careful if your hair is really fine and not dry, too much product will only make it feel oily.)I feel like it gives it an opportunity to really soak in and it makes your hair easier to comb through. You also can assure the product will be thoroughly worked through your hair by brushing it after.

-When you brush your hair...... USE A COMB! This by far is one of the things that has worked the best for me. When your hair is wet is it more susceptible to breaking because the elasticity is much greater. So using a wider tooth comb will be much gentler for your hair.

-Let your hair air dry as long as possible. Heat is just not good for your hair. I usually will let my hair air dry for a few hours and then blow it dry to minimize my frizz. If you don't have the time during the week days, try it during the weekend. It will really help.

-If you dry your hair with a blow dryer, after you are done, turn on the cool setting and run it through your hair. It's like what I was talking about with the cold water. When you use heat on your hair it does the same thing to your cuticle so the cold hair just helps to close it again.

-This step is not for everyone. My hair is dry so after I am done styling it I run either some smoothing serum or some oil through the ends. The amount I apply is very minimal because, again, I don't want greasy hair.

-I also take prenatal vitamins daily. This is just a multivitamin plus some so it won't miraculously get you pregnant or anything. Although, I have wondered if the fact that I have taken these for years made me more prone to having twins!!!  :)IT will help your hair grow faster and healthier.

-You can test a strand of hair for drugs and other stuff. So what you put into your body will come out through your hair skin and nails. A healthy diet is important! (I am still working on this one myself)

-If you color your hair darker, don't worry your hair isn't being that damaged especially if you are using a demi permanent color. If it is permanent, like for covering gray, it is a little more damaging but not tons. If you are bleaching your hair you really should BABY your hair. Bleach is really harsh, so you may need a strengthening treatment or a keratin treatment to rebuild your hair or just keep it healthier.

Hope these tips are at least insightful. I know that these have helped my hair and let me tell you, my hair  has been really damaged in the past. Take it from someone who does hair/ tried alot of various things on her own hair good and bad.

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