Tuesday, November 22, 2011

LMM Challenge/ Blogstalk

If you haven't heard of Little Miss Momma. Check her out here, I  just love her little blog. And yes, her's is one of the blogs I stalk on the daily. She is inspiring! In this particular post that I linked up to above, she challenged her readers to do these fill in the blanks if you will. It sounded fun and I'm always looking for interesting ways to update you all on my families lives without being boring and repetitive. So here it is.......... 

I’m weird because… 
(admire picture above) Case and Point ........ my Momma 
I organize my silverware in my dishwasher
I enjoy singing really loud and badly sometimes
I also enjoy pretending I am a rock star/ opera singer (depending on my mood)
I ALWAYS read the ending of a book before I start it
I am always trying to find something to laugh about 
I invented the air five, air kick, and a new word: Poeticious(?) haven't decided the spelling yet but the definition is someone with poetic skills. :)
I love my baby girls cute feet and I love to kiss them
I stalk everyone......... seriously everyone

I’m a bad friend because…
I undoubtedly will forget your birthday 
I  really meant it when I say we should hang out or a friend says we should but I am indecisive so I wait for the friend to make it happen
Sometimes I forget to answer calls, text, facebooks, ect. 
I evolve around my girls schedule 

I’m a good friend because…
I love to laugh and talk
I love to see my friends happy
I admire all of their grown up qualities 
I love seeing their families grow and change
Even though I rock at board games I will let them win ;)
If you set yourself up for a good joke, I'll make it

I’m sad because… 
Tomorrow I become the Mom of 2 one year old's, where did all those precious moments go?
There are so many things I would like to be different but I am stuck living in the moment with them all but trying to make adjustments, waiting for change
Sleeping in sounded so wonderful today 
I had to resort to caffeine today to get me through (thanks for driving ridiculously slow last night Paul) jk
My husband is anti heater right now and I am cold
I’m happy because…
My little baby girls are the most amazing gifts I could have asked for a year ago and Heavenly Father trusted me with their sweet little lives
I have one hard working husband and father to keep forever
I love hot cocoa
I have been running and loving/ pain hating every single step
I have family all around me
I’m excited for…
Turkey Day 
Christmas spirit/ Christmas music
Wedding Planning with my sister ;)
Photo editing/ photo shoots
Future blog posts
Crazy crash dieting so I am not the giant elephant in the room at my sisters wedding/ the end of crazy crash diet
Nap time happening right now!!! 
A clean house (crossing my fingers) 
Finishing projects while the girls nap so that my house actually looks more like a home



  1. You R amazing!!!!

  2. You are amazing, Kate. Grandpa always said so...


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