Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Families 2011

 This past year has been a year of many many changes in our little family. Jam packed of fun, smiles, hardly any time, and new adventures. Here are some of the biggest things that happened in our family this year. Since our girls were born at the end of November in 2010, the end of 2010 was relatively mild compared to 2011. Our girls have done most of their growing in 2011 and let me tell you, they have learned a lot! Trevor also switched professions and is now working for the City of Henderson. We bought our first home and we are still trying to settle in (a.k.a put things away.)

 Here are some picture highlights.

      For New Years 2011 we headed up to Salt Lake, in attempts to see the lights at Temple Square. This attempt failed miserably because the storms were too bad and we didn't want to take out little babies out in the bitter cold. Although, it was still their first road trip!!!

Our girls learned how to make messes with their food........ I'm still working on unlearning this skill with them!


We took our first family photo with my friend Jen in June! Which seems like ages ago!

We spent a lot of time in the pool with the girls!! And hanging out with Uncle Erik ( as seen on the left of this photo)


We took our first official family vacation in July to South Dakota for my Great Grandfathers 90th birthday! It was an experience we will never forget, and we even got a wonderful 5 generation picture to cherish!!!

 In August we welcomed home Trevor's littlest brother Paul from his mission. That was such a touching experience to be a part of. Nothing better than a young man fresh out of doing the Lord's work to humble you. :) It was also a few of our kids first time meeting Uncle Paul/ that they could remember and as a result a few were slightly spectacle of the tall guy.

Not too long after Paul was home, we went on a family camping trip with Trevor's family. It was our girls first ever camping trip! Here they are taking a bath in one of our spare buckets!!! 

 In September we finally closed on our house and we were moving in the first week of October! So far having a house has been wonderful, finally I have enough space for things. The only hang up is I don't have all the right things to be super organized but it is a work in progress!!!

 In the middle of October we headed up for a little weekend getaway to St. George to visit the corn maze and just to see family!!!

 In November we got exciting news that my sister would be getting married to her cute little boyfriend Mason, who we are very excited to have joining our family. I couldn't think of a better match for my sister.


Also in Novemeber, our baby girls turned1! This first group of pictures is from their actual birthday when we took them out to eat Ihop. Which is a birthday tradition in y family. Riley is on the left and Audrey is on the right.

This next group of pictures is from their birthday party.  Audrey is on the left  and Riley is on the right.

 To sum up the year we spent a few days up in Brain Head with my Dad and his wife Jodi. We attempted to take the girls sledding but I think they were a little confused about the cold weather but we all had a really good time hanging out in the warm room and eating lots of yummy food!!! Trevor had to work Christmas, so we spent it with my mom and had a really nice time just hanging around family!!!

Well that was our 2011! It was a great year but we are definitely hoping for a better year in 2012! I hope all of your holidays were wonderful and our family is wishing you a wonderful 2012!!!

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  1. awww I just love your cute baby girls, they are way too cute i honestly feel they look exactly like you. :)

    p.s i tagged you in a fun post you should check it out...anyways give your mama a hug for me.


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