Sunday, December 11, 2011

The fight is on

In my last blog post I revealed that a crazy crash diet was in my near future! I originally planned to start this diet the day after thanksgiving but due to a few strict rules of this particular diet and my monthly friend that was postponed for another 6 days. I am proud to report that I am now 12 days in and have done surprisingly well. It has been SO hard though. A few months back, if you remember, I tried to do HCG. I quickly realized after a get together with some family that cheating for me was the death of this diet. This is the diet I started again, but with the knowledge of the previous time I know that I have to fight harder to NOT cheat. This is definitely not my favorite diet but I really feel motivated when I get up every morning and see results physically and on the scale . One thing that seems to be helpful is to "freeze" things. I know that sounds weird, but I don't feel like I am depriving myself if I save the things I want for a later time. For instance, my dad sent over some wonderfully smelling pumpkin bars with chocolate chips and I wanted just ONE very badly so I put some in the freezer. I did the same thing when I made cookies today. Writing this out I am realizing it could sound a little crazy. For one, it may sound like I plan to have a huge binge day as soon as my 6 weeks are up but I assure you I don't. It also may seem like I am starting some strange hoarding habit, I hope that is not the case. I pretty much think I love carbs too much to collect them. For some reason freezing my treats is helping me to know that now is not the time to eat treats, I want to be healthy but in a few months when I have achieved my goal I can have a treat every once in  while.

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